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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 28, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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miracle it will all work out and then again sometimes we just don't know when to quit. good evening it is monday october 28th i am gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. it is judgment day for the san francisco fire department. the jury found the department guilty with tamering firefighters exam. paul chambers is live in the city with reactions of some of the plaintiffs tonight. >> reporter: millions of dollars to several firefighters and as a case you
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said where the test scores were docket which prevented them from getting a promotion. >> for people like it it validates of what we always thought. this is a group that's it is not right. some of the firefighters were awarded $3 million for promotions. the firefighters claimed the test a keys contains of faulty information and that score were changed without consulting to prepare the key. >> it was well worthwhile. i mean i was a prosecutor before in the city for 27 years and this feels just as good itself just to put away bad guys. >> the firefighters are still on the department. the fire department did not respond how today east ruling will affect what they'll do their testings in the future.
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how the firefighters in the case, they hope it will change in the future. i got words from the city attorney's office, they responded they disagreed with today's verdict, they pointed out there is no discrimination and especially dealing with age in the city of san francisco, live in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. the fire started around 12:30 between 25th and 26th street. the flames were as high as 30 ft in the high, it took firefighters 90 minutes to get the fire under control. investigators are looking for the cause. a judge in san francisco today puts strict limits on driving permits. 50-year-old judge came to courta
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status of vehicular man slaughter. only allows him to drive for two reasons. >> so we agree to so he can seek and ian main any employment he has and he has kids to transport to school and other activities. >> he's on unpaid leave of his job and on bail. the peninsula accident that killed a husband and wife as they're walking their dog leaving three children without parents. a drunk driver was blamed for the deadly crash and now according to her brother, she does not remember what happened. our rob roth spoke with the brother today outside of court. >> the first court appearance today was postponed until tomorrow because of a medication condition. the couple were both killed. the sister remembers little of the accident.
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>> i just visited them yesterday and she did not realize -- she still did not believe that she killed anybody. she says that a car cut her off and the next thing she knows that's the last thing she remembers, a car cut her off. >> last except she pleds no contest to no contest to misdemeanor driving. the night that sine were killed singh were killed of the blood alcohol were much higher than a. 08. >> we know it is well over. 15. >> and she has been on a downward spiral ever since. >> the family did come to court
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this afternoon but did not stay to talk to the media. if convicted sine faces up to 15 years behind bars. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news the father of a 13-year-old boy shot by sheriff last week. 13-year-old lopez was shot and killed while carrying -- deputy 48-year-old air rec gailhause. lopez says he want him to face charges and spend time in jail. the. he shot the teen 7 times after lopez failed to put the gun down and turned towards the deputies.
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>> the community here is tir some what persecuted and always feeling suspicious in some way. >> the sheriff's department plans to meet with the community and find ways to work on the healing process and making sure this will never happens again. earnings are down. the company's results showing that -- earnings are down and consumer offering lower price of apple products. this is the third quarter that apple's earnings have been down. the broader market ended of today's flat. the nasdaq lost 3. a video showed up on the internet of a second fire. earlier this month,
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the model s caught fire after hi an objective. firefighters said they had trouble putting out the fire. a second video serviced a model s after caught on fire. happening now, people are cleaning up after high winds swept in the bay area over night. no one was hurt, a tree expert says several other trees on the property broke the fall. if those tree were not there this redwood would likely crush the house. branches at an oak tree crashed a home in antioch. this happened about 6:30 last night. the father jumped off the bed just moments before the
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branch came crashing on the c ieling. the weather system is bringing cooler temperatures to the bay area and also brought the first real snow to the season to the sierra, it took some people by surprise. >> these are the pictures today that looked like they're where i happened out of the pages of midwinter of sierra. >> we knew something is coming but like every year we are not ready. >> in just 48 hours, the season in sierra changed dramatically. >> how quickly does the season changes? >> very quickly. what was it like 48 hours ago? >> 65. >> and today? >> well , self eftd. evident. >> when
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i woke up, there is 8 inches there. >> the snowfall was heavy enough. that's when we notice something was missing as we are driving up to interstate 880 on san francisco, almost no accidents and spin out and no reports of traffic headaches. so i turned to caltrans rose super visor, why was there no snow and problem on interstate 880, one big reason was the temperatures. carlson explains until the temperatures of the road surface drops below freezing. it will melt much faster than normal. >> so until we get consistent -- mike reporting there, go to ski section under the weather tab and you will find a link to the sierra conditions.
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supper visor scott wiener is pushing for a valid -- the money would go to health program for city youth. if it is approved the measure would then go on next year's november ballot. yup, no, see you later. >> celebrity guy fieri talks about his incident with his stolen sports car. >> and how doctors say parents can take action. our shellie over night lows are about to get colder and i will have a look at how low temperatures would go tonight and what you can expect for tomorrow and who will be dealing with a frost advisory.
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in china five people were killed and dozens injured when a car plowed in the square area. the driefr and two passengers and two tourists were killed. officials have not said whether the crash was an accident or some sort of terror attack. hundreds of civilians were killed during the government crack down. doctor conrad murray is out of jail. the doctor was sentence to four years in jail but served two. it is uncertain if murray will be able to practice medicine again because his license has been suspended and provoked in three states. the university says they
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have already spent more than $6 million on attorneys fees for sandusky. he was found guilty last year of a 45 count with sexual assault with minor. he's currently appealing that ruling. celebrity chef guy ferry took a break from the kitchen today testified of his stolen lamborghini. >> his testimony today went something like this. >> it was his $250, 000 lamborghini like this one. wade is accused of stealing fieri's car at the dealership in 2011.
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>> prosecutors said wade stole the lee anyone intended to impress a 19-year-old woman. the state says wade has to plot to kill both the woman and her boyfriend. wade is accused of riding the motorcycle next to woman and while they're in the car opening fire and was missing. way was arr investigators say they found evidence next to the shooting and where they also found fieri's lamborghini. >> let's stick with it. >> the closing arguments began late this afternoon beginning with the prosecution and the case is to be decided by the jury, ktvu channel 2 news. go to ktvu will be to see fieriear
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speaking of the unedited version. re search says there is not any report of illnesses. customers can return the product to the gr stores for refund. authorities removed alrez residents over the weekend. there were only 3 staff members carrying for the 14 residents. . the owner's attorney says she was addressing any deficiency. ies. >> >> detectives say they opened a criminal investigation but no arrest are eminent. the account belong to the president's campaign group organizing for action. it says since president
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obama does not have ethical issue, it would return the favor. the american academy pediatric is urging parents to limit the use of using social media. the use of social media has exploded among young children and that too much media can lead to bullying and violence. it is recommended to only 2 hours a day and smart phones and tablets and lab tops to all stay out of the children's bedroom. this crash happened early sunday morning near durham road, police say the driver of the suv lost control and hit two trees. 17-year-old jason park was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. the name of the 17-year-old driver has not been released. police in san jose did named the driver suspected behind the
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wheel in another dwi crash that also killed a friend. 27-year-old campbell was arrested this morning. the crash happened about 2:30 am today near hamilton road. johnson and her friends were inside the suv but at some point the friend got out and that's when johnson backed up and pinning the friend against the building. >> i heard of what sounded like a slammed and its gotten my attention and after that i heard a lady's voice and the voice was saying help me and stay with me. >> when officers arrived they say they found beer cans inside the vehicle and a case of beer were found. police plan to release more information about the victims tomorrow. the second stretch would run 60 miles from fresno and current county. today the contractors were
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invite to the building of that second segment. authorities expecting traffic -- want small businesses to play a major role. contractors have until november 6th. lexus of the luxury division ranked first and volkswagon and audi also did well. the prius hybrid station wagon and audi a4. more than dozen of people died of the land storm in europe to hurricane knocked down trees and left hundreds of thousands without power.
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the winds will dying down and i think the new concerns tonight is frosty conditions for some. let's start looking at the canadian storm that brought us vicious winds last night whipping around. well, the winds have died down. saw just a few sprinkles over the hills over the last 24 hours. you can see showers still falling over i-80 as well as highway 50. here at home, we have pleasant weather, we have mostly sunny skies across most of the bay, again, just a few of our hills picking up anywhere from a 10th or 16th -- the winds still blowing 16 miles per hour in fairfield and oakland reporting 20 miles per hour and they'll continue to die
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down as we move into the evening hour. for the next couple of days we may see some of the cold this morning of the season thus far, there is a frost advisory of the north bay area hill, it will start 1:00 in the mornin lasts until 9:00 in the morning. for some tomorrow, it can be the coldest day of the season and some it can come wednesday mo. temperatures are cooling off. 54 at san francisco and 54 nevada we getting going tomorrow morning. santa rosa and napa and lows to mid-40s around bay. for the afternoon tomorrow a lot like today and mostly sunny skies and cool conditions and upper 50s along the coast. 62 for oakland and 67 in livermore and mid-60s for san jose, your extended forecast showing you temperatures will be on the upward trend as we get into midweek
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wednesday feeling more comfortable and halloween is going to be a mild day and temperatures in the upper 60s around the bay. once the sun going down we'll be cooling off. on the weekend temperatures will remain upper 70s on friday and dropping off and maybe a few showers over the north bay. a spokeswoman for the department of public work says crews are waiting for calm winds before they do any clean up. now trending at, ghost and goblins getting an early start on halloween and the images that's getting a lot of attention on our website and the celebration of the basketball team.
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a silent in new york for visitors to revisit super sandy storm a year ago. they were expected to take another 6 months at a cost of 21 million. the island has never flooded until last year when the storm
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surged from sandy swamped the island. about 200 children and their parents turned out yesterday for the 22nd annual halloween parade in oakland. we posted some photos on our website on and there you can find spooky events all over the bay area. opening night of the 2013 and 2014 season of basketball. the team celebrated today with f lunch that's where the team owners are looking to relocate. you can see san francisco mayor lee and head coach and david lee. warriors fans having high expectations this year and the first game should be a good one. wednesday night at oracle arena. thank you for making ktvu your choice for
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news, we'll see you next time for news break, tonight we are in san francisco where people are plan to camp out to protest restrictions of city parks, keep in mind we are always here for you on and on the ktvu app, tmz is up next right here on tv 36. i love watching tv outside.
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>> today on "tmz," chris brown is in huge trouble. he is arrested in jail and could go to prison because he may have violated probation by allegedly breaking a guy's nose. >> on the plus side, at least he didn't hit any women. we know that for sure. >> cee lo, he's happy. he's cleared of his sexual assault charges. >> do you get nervous talking to chicks? because of all these allegations? >> it has to be difficult for him to know somebody. because if the glass is across the table -- >> he has to play like quarters where you bounce it. you have to be creative.


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